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New Clients

Please complete the following items and bring them with you to your first session. if you do not have access to a printer please arrive ten minutes early to your first session to complete paperwork . For confidentiality reasons please do not email:

  1. Client Information Sheet (Couples Therapy)
  2. Client Information Sheet (Individual Therapy)
  3. Intake Form (Individual)
  4. Intake Form (Couples)
  5. Release of Information*
  6. Client Rights & Responsiblities

*Please note: this release will only need to be filled out at your session if applicable. This is generally only applicable if you have a psychiatrist (or other specialized care provider) and it may be important to have a team approach to your treatment.

Please also familiarize yourself with the Notice of Privacy Practices in the rights and responsibilities form as you will need to sign a form stating you have read it and consent to it.

Couples therapy:

If you are a couple it is helpful for both of you to fill out a form


Attending therapy for the first time can be anxiety-provoking. Attending therapy is  certainly an act of courage as you trust someone you have not yet met to hear your life story and concerns. We all often consider the idea for some time before we become committed to calling and then committed to attending. This is absolutely normal and healthy. Couples in particular sometimes fail to show for their first appointment. A therapist understands that anxiety and avoidance are a natural part of the process, but also asks that you please be respectful of her schedule by letting her know a minimum of 24 hours in advance of your appointment time if you are not intending to come. You may cancel by voicemail or click here to send a message through the website. Late cancellations and no-shows for the first session will be billed the full session fee.


If you have any questions as you are filling out these forms, please note them down so that you remember to ask when you come for your first session. You can always leave a question blank or a document unsigned until you have the opportunity to ask for more information.